World Book Day is a national UK charity with a vision to help children from all backgrounds develop a life-long habit of reading for pleasure.

Their mission is to offer every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.

As independent booksellers, each year, we love to participate in celebrating World Book Day!

Although our physical events at our local library as previously done before Covid are currently on hold, we are glad to help make the specially produced £1 Books available from our online store.

Principles Of Reading For Pleasure

World Book Day changes lives through reading.  When children choose to read in their spare spare time it makes them: 

✅ Better at reading  ✅ Feel happier   ✅ More successful

World Book Day  encourages children to choose to read through their six principles of reading for pleasure:


Values-Themed Reading Books Workbooks | Educational Games


Learning Support Programme
(via Primary Schools)


Storytime With TSPathway

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