Gratitude is to feel or show that you are thankful to someone for something good they have done.
How many times do we hear ourselves say to our children “….and what do you say…?”, expecting to hear the very words “….thank you.”   Countless.

As children, we were taught to say ‘thank you’ in appreciation of any good thing that we received such as compliments, gifts or simple actions of kindness toward us.   It is a part of life that has been passed on from one generation to another…it seems.

But why is it so important anyway?
For all the times you’ve been asked that question at the dinner table or when settling sibling disputes (and everything else)….the illustration below may help with your little ones’ understanding further.

Sometimes, even though they may be grateful, as we all know, some young ones can find it difficult to express appreciation.  They could be encouraged to do so creatively by :

✅ Writing a short note

✅ Drawing a picture

✅ Writing a poem or a song

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