“Change” – ‘to make or become different’ as the English dictionary defines it, is an inevitable part of life.  

Times, seasons, processes, systems, lifestyle, health, family, people….these are all examples of where change is often seen.  The dawning of each day ushers one into a state of change, a new beginning, and a fresh start, full of endless possibilities.

Depending on the perspective one chooses to take, change can be seen as good or vice versa. For example, the sound of a teacher’s whistle, marking the end of playtime may not be overly welcomed by the young child dreading the next lesson, as opposed to another who may be looking forward to the lesson. 

In most cases, having a positive attitude towards change often helps to yield positive results.

Useful points to share with your little ones:

Firstly, acknowledge and accept that change is a part of everyday life.

Always try and plan ahead (where you can) before the change occurs.   This may involve:
Getting relevant information;
Setting realistic and achievable goals where it is easy to measure progress.

Take one day at a time and focus on one thing at time to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Maintain a positive, ‘Can do’ attitude.

Seek help from the right people…those who genuinely have your best interest at heart and would point you in the right direction for a positive outcome. 

Celebrate success, no matter how small it may seem. It helps to boost morale.   

If today does not go well as planned, do not stay upset about it – pick yourself up and try again tomorrow . 

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