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“We Help Make It Easier To Support Your Child’s Learning.”

Why We Host Our Events

We understand the challenges parents face when it comes to supporting children’s learning: 

😐Finding or making the time to help them. 

😓Understanding the learning task or activity in order to be able to support as needed.

🤔Finding the right learning resources. 

😏Being motivated to help them with their learning in the first place. 

😅Keeping them motivated about their learning.

🙂Getting them to believe in themselves, their abilities and talents.

🙂 Getting them to understand the importance of learning.

😨Multitasking (with younger or older siblings and housework) whilst helping with homework or home learning. 

😵Managing distractions. 

🤪Remaining calm & patient. …..and everything else❗ 

Our free coffee morning events are great for parents:

✅  to receive support with the challenges faced as described above

✅  to share experience and encourage others

✅ to meet like-minded individuals 

✅  to be inspired and equipped with more skills to support their children’s learning

It is a fantastic opportunity for members of the teaching profession to interact with parents and carers in a friendly environment and share useful information on supporting their children’s learning.  

Our Focus

Our coffee mornings are aimed at parents with children in preschool and primary school.   It is NOT a place to speak negatively about schools, members of the teaching profession, individual school systems or individual parenting styles.  

Our primary focus is to HELP MAKE IT EASIER for parents and carers to support their children’s learning in an informal and non-judgmental forum.

We have had positive feedback about the meetings and a few of these are available on our testimonial page.


Great news! Our Coffee Morning Events have now been moved online.  This means there is no need to travel, no restriction on location, still get to enjoy good company with other parents – from the comfort of your home….plus you get to make the cuppa just how you like it!😀 

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