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Booktime Magazine

Booktime is the free magazine specially produced by the Booksellers Association. It features author interviews, in-depth book reviews, book roundups, and quizzes.

The Magazine is an essential guide to the most anticipated books of the season, spanning adult’s and children’s titles.
It is published every two months and is available to read online by clicking on the links below.

We can deliver physical copies free of charge upon request (while stocks last).

Current Issue - May/June 2022

March /April 2022

Booktime magazine - March-April Edition

Jan/Feb 2022

Booktime Magazine- Jan-Feb 2022

Nov/Dec 2021

Booktime Magazine-Nov-Dec 2021


Booktime Magazine-Sept-Oct 2021

Jul/Aug 2021

Booktime Magazine-July-Aug 2021

May/June 2021

Booktime Magazine-May-June 2021

March/ April 2021

Booktime Magazine-March-April 2021

Jan/Feb 2021

Booktime Magazine-Jan-Feb 2021

Autumn 2020

Booktime Magazine-Autumn 2020

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